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3 Weird and funny Crackhead Craigslist posts

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Crackhead Craigslist Posts

You can always expect to find so many “surprising” odd posts on Craigslist, seems that everything goes.

When it comes to food, of course… that too, no need FDA approval or anything like that.

Want it? Get it.

Here are five three different weird and funny food posts on Craigslist, and we cringe.

Fresh cat milk for sale. I just milked them this morning a little bitter because tyhey were strays & were a little scared when I was milking them so the milk isn’t as pure but taste good with cereal or just add some chocolate syrup. $65 dlls per jar because it was a lot of work so you’re paying for the milk, jar anad labor. Price is firm. Serious inquires only, need to make room so I can milk the rest tomorrow.

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