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Creepy Florida Highway Patrolmen Asks For a “Happy Ending” From Massage Therapist

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Happy Ending Cop

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An officer, patrolman, stops a woman who works at a massage place, and out of a sudden starts getting a bit “creepy”, or let’s just say.. awkward. We cringe.

Perfect, so when can I get a massage? Are you talking about the spa? Do I have to come to the spa? Why? Because that’s where I work. Are you trying to set me up? No, actually Im not. Im more comfortable working there. No Im not setting you up . Im not one of those. Are you insinuating to do something else? I don’t do that. Im not saying you do that. Ok then why are you asking?

Which one do you work at?
The one that I work at it’s called Essential

They probably do that in down there, don’t they? Don’t they do it at South Tampa there? The sketchy ones. Police officers need the sketchy ones too. How long have you been doing it though? Almost 3 years. See but , if I go to yours now, you are not going to give the one to massage me. But I think you are pretty though. Oh thank you, doesn’t mean I want to do stuff. I don’t even know what to say that seems to be normal for some guys so Im not surprised.

I just want you though

The noromal ones? Professional. Strictly professional. Im. just giving you a hard time, I only go to the professional. Those are the ones I got to. They are trying to crack down on teh other ones. The sketchy ones…

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