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TikToker details her past lives

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Past lives cringe, woman claims

We Cringe

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived many lives here around Earth. And I wanted to share some of the ones I’ve discovered thus far. One of my earliest lives was as a man in ancient Mesopotamia. I worked as a poet, philosopher and I taiuht writing. I’ve always been very drawn to ancient Egypt, so this life where I worked as a death priestess for Nepthys made so much sense.

My mom actually discovered this one. She did a past life regression and saw us as sisters in a Native American tribe.. which makes sense because one of my spirit guides is Native American.

I was a lady of the house in the Victorian era. I was also definitely a witch because I saw myself making potions in the backyard. I was also a child during WWII but I didn’t live past the age of six. What’s interesting is in this life my ethnic background are basically the players in WWII – And of course I had to include my life as a ferry. Though this one is technically happening right now, just in a different dimension.

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