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Woman won’t let others shop on same aisle

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People need therapy

Social distancing

These Karen-type women are multiplying…

Woman won’t let others shop on same aisle until she is done.

I said back up, the law is 6 foot you are trying to infringe, I’m not gonna let you do it. You are trying to confornt. Call security.. Security!

I’m not moving, I was here shpoping.. when I’m done selecting what I was going to select.. It’s teh law, you got a problem with the law? Do you? Where’s your mask? It’s irrelevant– back up. There is a six foot law and they are tryingt to get within my 6 foot range. I can’t let them go by, they can either back up or they can do some other shopping ancd come back. You are the aggressor here, not me. You are literally trying to make me sick and go to the hospital. I don’t have freedom of speech around here ?

SO much cringe going around these world..

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