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Proposal goes wrong at Disney in Paris

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French Disney employee ruins proposal, we cringe

We Cringe

Proposal goes wrong at Disney in Paris, and this video has been one of the most viral videos from the week, and probably one of the cringiest as well.

Did you see the proposal that went down at Disney World of Paris?

It made me furious. That someone would just stand on a stage like that, where they were supposed to be.

Mid-lavel sh*t managers. A mid-level manager can’t let a moment happen, even though they should’ve not been there.

Who cares?

you see what’s happening, and to do that…

It was so agregious it almost felt like it was a put on for the video, but it wasn¡t.

So this happened at Disney World Paris…

No, Disneyland Paris.

The engaged boyfriend is all in white, on top of a platform with the iconic magic castle behind, someone filming, gets on her knees and handing ring to girlfriend, when suddenly.. This douche with mouse ears, Mr employer of the month decides to snatch it from the couple and points down. “You gotta come down”

Him putting his hands on that ring… that’s like, We are going to have to get physical now.

Look at that smug look!

He is everything you hate about mid level managers, and the French – some would say.

Now, I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard that guests going places they shouldn’t go is a big problem over there…. But regardless, Disney had to apologize.. he snatched the ring right off, he didn’t just ask them to leave.

By the way, the guy in white said he had permission to go up there beforehand.

But this guy (Disney employee) to see what’s happening, and knows it’s a proposal (boyfriend is i one knee) and instead of giving it a second and going “alright, can you please..”

It’s just a matter of tact and timing.

Here is what you do. You let the proposal happen and as they are hugging you go: Alright, come on guys, down down down. But he jumped in between them.

That giant guy could have squashed this little insect.

I almost, for a second.. I wondered if the fiance to be was thinking of saying no.. because. She was going to say yes, but the guy got c+ckd bt this guy in mouse ears.

The fact that her big guy in a white t shirt didn’t punch the Disney employee in the face, might be grounds to say no to the proposal.

You know what he is? He is a turd. I would classify him as a turd. Just a French turd. That is not a cool dude.

He just had to interrupt it before she accepted it.

Disney said they apologize, they said they are going to make it right… But they have not explain what that means.

I wonder if that’s going to be a Disney cruise on your honeymoon. They’ll do something.

And BTW, this is probably better for this couple because now it is this big viral crazy moment.

Video below: Angry reactions to Disney employee ruining marriage proposal.

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